In today’s globalized world, with many people living and working overseas, it has become increasingly common for divorce to take on international aspects – and sometimes in many cases navigating an international divorce can be daunting.


Understanding Types of International Divorce

Our attorneys have handled a huge variety of cases involving international divorce and family law, including some types of international divorce and family law cases that we regularly navigate :

  1. There are several types of international divorce and family law cases and each has distinct considerations and complications. International divorces can be considerably more complex and difficult to understand, as laws in foreign countries differ significantly, and the application of the usual family law may be impacted by the geographical situation of the parties.
  2. Expatriate divorce and custody: Expatriates sometimes encounter difficult obstacles when confronting divorce and pursuing custody of their children. For example, expatriates do not always have the same level of support and can feel isolated when outside their home countries are in the legal process. Additionally, the legal framework is more convoluted when the two members of the marriage are from different countries.
  3. Mahr agreements and other marriage contracts from around the world can be difficult to comprehend, as they may have religious or cultural underpinnings that must be recognized to understand how they operate best. Our can provide you with details of your legal rights on options concerning Mahr and other international marriage contracts.