The Complete Guide to Choosing a Good Divorce Lawyer in Singapore
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The Complete Guide to Choosing a Good Divorce Lawyer in Singapore

Step 1: Educate Yourself on Divorce

It’s not a walk in the park to go through the divorce process but it can be a breeze if you have a good and knowledgeable divorce lawyer to guide you through. There are a lot to go over  and think about when trying to understand how a divorce process unfolds. Here’s a list of questions that may apply to you and come in handy as a preparation.

What are the considerations for the division of matrimonial property (if there is matrimonial property)?

If you’re thinking of doing your own research and homework first, here are some useful links:

Reading and making notes that are relevant to you and your situation are the first steps of setting a foundation to finding a good divorce lawyer. It helps you assess the lawyers you meet and knowing what legal service that you need and is applicable to you. This gives you an overview of how your case is different from others.


Step 2: Finding the Right Divorce Lawyers

What you need to understand about divorce lawyers

Now that you’re ready to find a lawyer for your divorce process, there are some things to consider and which suits your situation best. 

There are generally 3 kinds of divorce lawyers


  1. The solo divorce lawyer
  • A law firm in his own name/partner of a small law firm
  • May have one to no staff at all
  • No free consultations- may charge affordably for first consultation for assurance
  • Attentive and personal when handling your case


  1. The divorce law firm
  • More than one lawyer with several associates working under
  • Able to handle larger volume of divorce cases
  • Free consultations usually
  • More polished and renowned looking firm


  1. The high net-worth divorce lawyer
  • Larger law firms with strong reputations
  • Represent people with greater financial means
  • Large deposit/fee


Legal Services Regulatory Authority directory of lawyers

The Legal Services Regulatory Authority of Singapore keeps an updated list of the practising lawyers and law firms in Singapore. has a list of experienced divorce lawyers that you can approach. Read through the profiles and online reviews to get a sense of which lawyer’s style will suit you. To save time, you can just fill in a contact form and send your query to several relevant lawyers in Singapore at once.


Ready to appoint your divorce lawyer?

After understanding this, you can begin shortlisting lawyers. Here are some of the popular methods.



Ask around your circle of friends and family or network for a good lawyer. Most popular and preferred way because you know that someone has good experience with said lawyer.


Online advertisements

If you’ve stumbled upon any ads of lawyers, look through the online profiles and find one that can empathise with you. However, if an advertised fee seems too good to be true, don’t be enticed so quickly, it could be a bait. Do your full research and inquire before choosing them.


Step 3: Choosing Your Divorce Lawyer

Now, time to contact the selected lawyer and discuss or consult further. Before you contact them, here are some questions to ask the lawyer:


  1. What is the legal service that you need?

Ask all the important questions- what and how he would handle your case. Ask about litigation, negotiation and what documents will be involved.

The lawyer would explain to you the divorce process in detail. A lawyer that empathise with you will share some personal advice from past experience on handling your divorce case- when to file, what to ask from your spouse.


  1. What is the cost for the service that you need?

Every lawyer should have different rates, depending on the type of lawyer and their reputation. Prepare a budget of at least $2500 for legal fees. Be prepared for any additional fees for paperwork amendments or any unforeseen circumstances. If your lawyer is honest and transparent about the costs, it is easier and clearer for you to estimate the cost.

An expensive lawyer has its benefits as well. They could be assuring, provide open communication and giving you peace of mind throughout your divorce process.

For more information on divorce costs, check out our comprehensive guide on divorce fees in Singapore.


  1. What is the set-up of the firm and who will you be dealing with?

When you’ve picked the law firm, get acquainted with the lawyer who will be dealing with your case. Established and renowned law firms may delegate your case to junior associates. 

Hence, at smaller law firms, your case may be handled by the main lawyer with a personal touch and compassion.


Most Importantly, Are You Comfortable with the Divorce Lawyer?

The most important part: Are you comfortable? There’s no harm if you have preference to engage with female/male divorce lawyers, race or just following your gut feeling. After all, it is your personal service and they are handling your divorce case closely and it’s personal. Having a divorce lawyer that you feel comfortable with makes things much easier.


P.S. Can you divorce without a lawyer?

Yes, however if there are property and/or children involve, it’s best to have a lawyer to represent you, Having a lawyer for your divorce process may speed things up and give you guidance when you have forms to fill out. 

It’s taxing enough to go through a divorce, let a professional ease your daily stress and give you assurance throughout your process.

You have a lot on your plate and choosing the ideal divorce lawyer can be challenging. You don’t need to add on more stress to your frustrations, hence a good divorce lawyer is crucial to make your divorce process smooth.

At XXlaw firm nameXX, we are a team of XnumberX lawyers in Singapore harnessed with experience and resources to handle any divorce situation- small or big, simple or complex. 

We are compassionate, sensitive and will provide you with consultation and empathy during the whole process.

Share with us your goals and concerns and we will be ready to help and guide you to a satisfactory resolution through realistic, rational and reasonable advice.

We’re here to help minimise the impact that divorce will have on you and your family by reducing any stress that you have.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • The Divorce Process
  • Division of Assets
  • Spousal maintenance
  • Annulment
  • Child Issues (Custody & Support)
  • Collaborative Divorce Process (CFP)
  • Prenuptial Agreements
  • Marital/Postnuptial Agreements
  • Deed of Separation
  • Personal protection orders (PPO)
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